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Welcome Class of 2022!

Welcome to Eastern Kentucky University!

Technology Q&A: Before Coming to School

  1. Should I bring a computer to campus?  If so, what does EKU recommend?
    EKU does not require students to bring a computer to campus, however, we highly recommend one if you can afford it.  More information:
    -Recommended Systems
    -Laptop vs Desktop
    -Windows vs Macs
  2. Should I bring a printer to campus?
  3. What other technology (including parts) should I bring?
  4. Are my devices compatible with the campus network (Wi-Fi/Ethernet)?

Before You Get to Campus

  1. Login to your myMail account.  You can find your username and initial password in your EKU Direct account.
  2. Reset the initial password in EKU Direct.
  3. Setup your email and calendar on your computer and mobile devices.
  4. Be sure your computer operating system (e.g., Windows, Apple) are up-to-date.
  5. Backup your computer and create a backup plan for your time in school.
  6. Get connected to EKU IT to stay up on what's happening with your technology resources at school, including outages and mainteance:  IT Twitter  |  IT Facebook  |  Geek Twitter  |  Geek Facebook | Geek Instagram  |  Geek YouTube  | Geek Pinterest

Once You Arrive

  1. Connect to the campus wireless network. (eku_secure)
  2. Know where to get free computer support: IT Geeks
  3. Find campus computer labs and printing options.
  4. Find free technology training / tutoring on campus.
  5. Find electronics recycling stations in Geek locations!
  6. Get learning support for students with disabilities.  Contact the Center for Student Accessibility for information about the accessibility tools available to you.

Geek Hours/Locations

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