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Equipment Checkout

The IT Geeks has Windows PCs for 2-week checkouts and Mac PCs for 1-week checkouts.  We also have a lot of other electronic equipment available for a 1-week or shorter checkout.

Available Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can electronics be rented?

At the Geek desk in the Crabbe Library 103A.

What kind of devices are available?

Windows and Apple laptops, tablets (iPads/iPad minis/Windows tablet), multimedia equipment (cameras, camcorders, projectors, screens, GoPro, Microphones, headphones), and other miscellaneous equipment (Wacom, Conversion cables, selfie stick, calculators).

How long can a laptop be checked out?

Windows PCs - 2 week and Mac PCs - 1 week. 

Rechecks must be made in person. If there is a waitlist for laptops, patrons will NOT be able to renew their laptop and will be asked to return them on the initial due date.

How long can other electronics be checked out?

Non-laptops have a 1-week checkout period.  There are no rechecks.  If a patron wants the equipment again, they must wait 24 hours before checking it out again to allow others an opportunity to use the equipment too.

If there is a waitlist for the equipment, patrons will NOT be able to renew their laptops.

How long does it take to check out a device?

It typically takes 10-15 minutes.  Patrons are expected to read the Loan Agreement, ensuring that the patron is aware of all policies concerning the devices.

How long does it take to recheck or check-in a device?

It typically typically takes 10-15 minutes for this too.  That is why we stop this process 10 minutes before our end of day.  

How do I know when my equipment is due?

You were given this information at checkout and are responsible for keeping up with it.  We also send a courtesy email and make a courtesy phone call as reminders, but you are responsible even if you receive neither.

Are there fines for being late?

Yes. The fines are:

1st late fee Morning after due date (+$20) Total=$20
2nd late fee Morning, 7 days after due date (+$50) Total=$70
Replacement fee Morning, 14 days after due date
(+cost of equipment)
Total=$70+$item equipment replacement fee

Being charged excessive late fees or a replacement fee will be a strike against a patron’s account, and a patron cannot checkout or recheck devices again.

How can I pay my late or replacement fees?

These are applied to your student bill.

Are laptops compatible with printers in the library?

They are set up to use the cloud printers on campus.  For the most up-to-date list of cloud printer release stations on campus:

When returning a laptop, can it be left at the library circulation desk or IT Service Desk?

No.  All laptops must be handed back DIRECTLY to a Geek staff member behind the counter, never left on the counter or behind the counter to be found later.  If there is a line, patrons must wait to be helped.  Abandonment of a laptop or other device will count as a strike against a patron’s account, and a patron cannot checkout devices again.

Can software be installed on the computer?

It can if a restart is not required for the software use.  Once a PC restarts, it returns to its original state.

Can someone else checkout equipment for me?

No. Our agreement legally binds you, and it is non-transferrable.

Can someone else check in my check-out equipment for me?

Yes.  But you are still legally bound for that equipment when you hand it over to the other person, and they return it.  So, if they lose it or break it, you are still responsible.

How much does the program cost?

The program is funded partially by the Student Tech Fee and through late and replacement fees.  This is why student needs come first.  Faculty/staff should reach out to the IT Service Desk for equipment needs: 1-859-622-3000

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